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Yannick Bollorè
Global Chairman & CEO
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Yannick Bollorè
Dominic Carter
Jeff Brazier
TV Presenter, Life & Business Coach
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Jeff Brazier first hit our screens in 2001 when he took part in Shipwrecked, one of the UK’s first reality TV shows. A hugely successful career ensued that saw Jeff appear on the likes of Celebrity Wife Swap, The Farm (which he won) and Sky One’s The Match and Celebrity Soccer Six.

As well as his television career, Jeff has forged a new career as a life coach, specialising in areas ranging from bereavement, separation and single parenting through to sports performance, time management, business development and youth development. On top of this, Jeff continues to feed his passion for football as a coach.

Jeff has found great satisfaction in sharing his experience as a single parent of children dealing with grief with other recently bereaved families and is a Patron of Grief Encounter. His latest venture is set to be the launch of a new 14 day online personal improvement course, Jeff Brazier’s ‘Increase Your Positivity, Confidence and Happiness.”
Jerry Buhlmann
Christopher Carroll
Former EMEA Marketing Director
Susan Credle
Global Chief Creative Officer
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Susan Credle, Global CCO of FCB, believes that tenacious strategic thinking expressed through unforgettable creative with scale leads to long-term success for businesses and brands.
Susan spent over two decades at BBDO/NY, where she rose from “bathroom- break girl” for the agency’s receptionists to EVP, Executive Creative Director. There, Susan, with her partner, Steve Rutter, reinvented the iconic M&M;’S characters; helped turn Cingular Wireless from a small challenger brand into a category leader; and created other consistently award-winning work for such clients as Bank of America, FedEx, Gillette, Lowe’s, PepsiCo, Pizza Hut and Visa.
In 2009 Susan joined Leo Burnett USA as CCO, where she spearheaded
a creative renaissance. She raised the bar for the work and nurtured a collaborative environment that produced some of the agency’s most memorable campaigns in years, starting with the multimedia Allstate “Mayhem” campaign. For Esurance, the first ad after Super Bowl XLVIII proved the perfect place to launch the #EsuranceSave30 Twitter campaign and bring national attention to “Insurance for the Modern World.” The Chicago Tribune called it the “unofficial Big Idea” of the game. And Susan is always looking for purpose-driven ideas for brands like Secret’s anti-bullying initiative, “Mean Stinks,” which continues to make a difference in young girls’ lives.
Susan is a member of the Creative Review Board of the Ad Council and serves on the boards of The University of North Carolina’s School of Journalism and Media, The American Association of Advertising Agencies, The One Club, The VCU Brandcenter, The IAB, The Foundation for Exxcellence in Women’s Health, Marwen, Chicago Ideas Week and One Million Degrees.
Mark Creighton
Chief Operating Officer, UK & Ireland
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Mark started his career at All Response Media in 1999, before joining the digital specialist agency i-level where he became Managing Director in 2006. Mark joined Mindshare in September 2010 and he successfully applied a digital lens to the agency. He is currently the chief operating officer at Dentsu Aegis Network UK and Ireland.
Paul Davies
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Paul leads the marketing activity for famous technology brands including Windows, Lumia, Surface, Bing, MSN, Office, Internet Explorer and Band.
With 20 years’ experience, he is noted for creating pioneering work that challenges convention, and for nurturing and developing talent to create future marketing leaders.
Paul has a strong track record in marrying the world of art, culture & entertainment with the digital capabilities of Microsoft, through unique talent collaborations such as the multi-awarded Brandon Generator online crowd-sourced interactive drama curated by Edgar Wright.
Paul is Chair of Institute of British Advertisers (ISBA), was recognised as one of the Hot 100 Digital Marketers (British Interactive Media Association), and was Awarded Marketer of the Year in 2011. He is a sponsor and mentor at the Marketing Academy, supporting the development of emerging talent in the industry.
Paul is a Board Trustee for Punchdrunk and Board member of the Featured Artist Coalition.
Tracy De Groose
CEO, UK & Ireland
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Tracy was appointed UK CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network in May 2014, having previously held the position of UK CEO of Carat. At Carat, Tracy grew the agency into a £1billion billings business and one of the Top 100 Companies to Work For, which in 2013 was named the fastest growing network by RECMA. Her earlier career saw her tackle some of the UK’s biggest marketing and communications challenges, both agency and client side. From 1992-1998 at Whitbread, Tracy transformed Stella Artois into a top ten FMCG brand and FMCG brand of the year in 1998. She went on to hold senior positions at Starcom and Naked Communications, before joining Dentsu Aegis in 2009. Tracy is also an executive member of WACL (Women in Advertising and Communications, London), and regularly volunteers her time to guide and nurture the next generation of talent as a Marketing Academy Mentor.
Alex Dimiziani
Head of Marketing EMEA
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Alex is an entrepreneur at heart, who thrives on challenge and taking calculated risks to capitalise on fleeting opportunities, and flourishes in an ethical and creative environment.

Her ‘lattice’ career path is a reflection of her deeply held belief that most innovation arises from extracting lessons and approaches from one area and applying them to another. Thus, her experience runs the gamut from luxury brand strategy and communications for brands such as Ralph Lauren, to marketing highly-subsidized health products, like condoms, to the most vulnerable populations in central Africa; from conceiving and incubating new brands to producing global integrated marketing campaigns for Coca-Cola; and from lobbying government officials for tax exemptions to managing internal change and investor relations in a technology company.

Alex joined Airbnb in 2014 to build out the team in Europe.
Alesha Dixon
Singer and TV personality
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There is a moment in every artist’s life when, with a little nod to Janet Jackson, fairy godmother of the modern diva, they feel the irresistible urge to step it up and take full control. For Alesha Dixon, that time is now. In a glittering career that has transformed her from Home Counties hopeful to household name Alesha has earned her stripes in the music business. Now it’s time to prove it, front of house and behind the scenes.
Alesha Dixon has worn many hats over her astonishing 16 year career. She opened her musical hand as a finger-snapping Rude Girl, one third of the brilliant Mis-Teeq, part of the original bedrock UKG scene that went on to the take the world (nobody brrrrrapped better than Alesha). Next she was the sleek millennial solo proposition, a finely tuned groove machine. In an unexpected career diversion – seriously, who takes the career swerve from 2step to the Ballroom? – she fashioned a brilliant second career as Saturday teatime TV royalty, first
at Strictly then Britain’s Got Talent. For her re-entry to pop’s top sphere in 2015, she is all about doing it her way.
Alesha Dixon has taken creative and business control of every aspect of her fourth solo record. It will be the first release on her Precious Stone Records label. Alesha has channelled a little of the energy from the propulsive TV record label drama Empire and will henceforth be her own Cookie Lyon. This time she’s the boss. ‘It feels great. I find the whole thing funny, in a way. Precious Stone Records? Little old me? But I also take it very seriously.’ ‘I feel like in many ways, I’ve done it all,’ Alesha says. ‘The whole music industry, the craziness, the pressure, the politics, you do get a buzz off it and want to be a part of it. I’ve been lucky that I’ve experienced small independents and huge majors, platinum albums and albums not coming out. I’ve been round the block on what the industry can do with you. But what I’ve never done is taken complete control of it all.’
Alesha is the singer and author of nine Top 10 singles and three platinum albums. Her musical gifts have been rewarded with MOBO awards and Brit nominations. Her effervescent single, ‘The Boy Does Nothing’, is a million seller and reached the Top 10 in 12 global territories. Her album, ‘The Alesha Show’ was one of only five platinum albums in Britain in 2010. She has proven time and again that British musical talent, delivered sincerely, from the heart and on point, can slay on the world stage. Now is the time to do everything on her terms. ‘I’ve got all that wealth of knowledge and I’m in the best place emotionally that I’ve been in my entire life. Put the two together and it’s added up to making the best and most personal record of my life which is all about doing it for the love. It’s all come back to the music.’
Alesha first thought about heading back into the musical milieu as long ago as 2012. ‘Then I fell pregnant with my little girl and that put it on hold for two years. You can’t seriously hope to give everything you need to a record while you’re breast-feeding,’ she says, letting out one of British pop’s most distinctive and defining laughs. After wrapping the 2014 series of BGT she stepped stridently back into the studio. ‘I just wanted to feel that buzz again. Writing is second nature to me. I think most songs are pre-written, without wanting to sound too mystical about it. The good ones are, anyway. Going into the studio is just a way of downloading them. You can only take into the studio your own life experience and the people you’ve met along the way. You’re accessing
something. Your soul has already decided what it is you want to say. You just have to be open to it.’
Because she’s the kind of artist that always needs her music to sound fresh and of a moment, she scrapped all previous work and started with a clean slate. In a tiny studio in Sweden she first hit musical gold-dust on a song that sounded in exactly the mould of her frame of mind, that reminded her why she was so in love with music in the first place. The big, bold, current sound of ‘Do It For Love’ sounded exactly where she wanted to be musically. This wasn’t music being made to major label instruction, it was intuitive and delivered from the heart. It slots seamlessly into a modern house sound honed in the musical universe of Clean Bandit, Keizsa and Jess Glynne only because these artists share a frame of reference on British pop/dance music, of which Alesha has been a long-term and key figurehead. ‘People will think it’s a love song but it’s actually about my love of music and how much I worship it and that’s what I’m doing it for now. After I had that one, I knew there was an album bursting to come out of me.’
Setting up business by herself was not an easy decision to make. Once she’d made sense of the move, it panned out perfectly for Alesha. ‘The traditional route of signing to a label as an artist doesn’t appeal to me so much because I’m not an 18-year-old trying to get my first break. I’ve got more of a business head now and I don’t want to sign away a 360 degree deal in order to catch the breaks. That’s the practical reason. But on a more personal and creative level I didn’t want to have to answer to anyone about the record. I’ve done the whole thing. I’ve been across everything creatively and taken it by the reigns. I do love the thrill and the chase of the music industry machine but the days of me needing my song to go top 10 are long gone.’ Something in the change of her frame of mind, this new confidence running clearly through the album is attributable to the changes in Alesha since becoming a mother. She’s even named and dedicated the mid-paced beauty Azura to her daughter.
Much as she’s immensely proud of the opening single from the suite, the brand new equality anthem ‘The Way We Are’, she won’t be disquieting herself with its stats. ‘That gauge of commercial success is not what I’m going to bed at night thinking about anymore.’ As well as the countless triumphs Ms Dixon has enjoyed in her brilliant career, there have been lows, too. ‘I’ve been there, believe me. I’ve lived it. I can remember getting a phone call from my manager when a radio station didn’t play a song from my first solo album. I remember crying on the phone, that feeling that this can’t happen without that support. That sucks. You’ve worked on this thing for a year and a half, it’s all you care about, it’s all you really know in that time and suddenly it’s all gone. I said to myself I refuse to ever feel like that again.’
If she’s thankful for the good times, she has to be grateful for the bad, too. ‘I can weirdly look back at that time quite fondly. It was an important thing for me to go through, it shifted something. I do think every single experience you have in life sets you up for the next one. What I did say, from that moment was that I had to empower myself and get myself into a position where I would never go back to that feeling.’ Her outlook has flipped 360 degrees into positivity. ‘I’ve made a record I love, I’ve funded it, I’ve put it out and I’ve kind of got the attitude of whatever will be, will be. First and foremost I had to love it. It’s scary, but I did it.’
Throughout it all, she’s kept her sense of humour. ‘I have been on a journey and what I’m very good at doing is putting life into perspective. There are so many people out there doing jobs that they don’t love. There are so many people struggling. I don’t want to get too deep but every day I
give thanks that I’m doing something I love, with a roof over my head, with security and these things I never take for granted. And I’ve done that through music. Music has always been my salvation, right from the beginning.’ Her new album is Alesha’s favourite yet. ‘This sounds like the future.’
Nina dos Santos
Tommy Dunne
Weapons Master
Bernie Ecclestone
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Bernard (‘Bernie’) Charles Ecclestone was born in Suffolk, England

An entrepreneur by instinct, after studying physics at Woolwich Polytechnic, he joined a gas company as a chemist and then went into business selling motorcycles establishing the largest motorcycle dealership and car manufacturer’s distributorship in Kent. As Bernie’s business interests grew and diversified into property, so too began his involvement in motor-racing. He raced motorcycles from the age of 16 moving then onto car racing. He competed in the first ever round of the Formula One World Championship, the 1951 British Grand Prix, but it was inevitable that his shrewd entrepreneurial character would be a big help in advising his friend Stuart Lewis Evans and the late Jochen Rindt, also a close friend, who became the posthumous World champion in 1967 and with him ran the factory Lotus racing F2 Team and then bought the Connaught Formula One Team. After closing the Connaught team he bought Brabham. The Brabham team enjoyed Grand Prix success with its innovative car designs under his ownership and won three world Championships.

In 1972, he took control of virtually running Formula One selling Brabham in 1987 to dedicate himself to the commercial development of the sport itself and undoubtedly this is the chapter in his career for which he is best known and from which he has derived most success. He single-handedly transformed Formula One from an expensive hobby for wealthy gentleman racers into the global multi-billion dollar industry that it is today, taking a fair few business risks along the way. Taking place in 20 countries on 5 continents every year in front of millions of spectators and watched on TV by hundreds of millions of fans, F1 is now the most popular annual sporting spectacle in the world. It is also a platform for pioneering research and development in the automotive industry.

Bernie’s achievements, with Professor Watkins, has been the driving force behind safety improvements in Formula One, including the state-of-the-art hospital and surgical facilities deployed at every Formula One race, which now make it possible for a driver to survive crashes and impacts that would almost certainly have killed the drivers of yesteryear.

One might assume that Bernie might be thinking of taking things a little easier, but he has no plans to slow down. As the Chief Executive Officer of the Formula One group, he continues to take Formula One to new horizons.
Dexter Fletcher
Actor, Director, Writer
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After a career in top flight television and movies that spans four decades, Dexter has seamlessly moved behind the camera, with terrific results, first directing gritty comedy, Wild Bill, then moving on to the musical, Sunshine On Leith, and more recently, the wonderful Eddie The Eagle, which is in cinemas now. His big screen acting highlights include Guy Ritchie’s Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Matthew Vaughn’s Stardust, and Mike Leigh’s Topsy Turvy. His small screen work includes Press Gang, Hotel Babylon and HBO’s Band Of Brothers.
Alistair Foster
Showbusiness Correspondent
Will Greenwood MBE
Rugby World Cup Winner
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Having started working life on the City trading floor, Will went on to become the second highest try scorer in English rugby history and helped power England to a glorious victory at the Rugby World Cup in 2003. He is widely regarded as one of England’s great rugby players, as well as one of the sport’s most engaging, intelligent and witty characters. Off pitch his focus has remained undimmed. With a reputation as a bright, articulate and witty personality he was snapped up by Sky Sports as one of their main rugby anchors. He also fronts Sky’s hugely popular ‘School of Hard Knocks’ which gives at risk youngsters the chance to train, grow and shine through sport. Alongside this he pens a weekly opinion column for the Telegraph. Will’s most recent venture is Super Skills Experiences, a rapidly growing business providing legendary shared holidays and festivals with some of the biggest names in sport.
Dominic Grounsell
Global Digital Marketing Director
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Dominic is responsible for both the digital marketing and online / mobile P&L; globally for Travelex.
Prior to RSA Dominic was Marketing Director for Capital One, one of the UK's leading credit card companies. In this role, he successfully led the transition of the business to a fully online-centric marketing model.
Dominic began his marketing career in 2001 as a graduate trainee with Unilever and went on to work on the Surf, Lux and Dove brands. In 2005, he moved to BT in 2005 to become Head of Marketing - Consumer Broadband.
Trish Halpin
Editor In Chief
Trish Halpin Info Events
Trish Halpin is editor-in-chief of Marie Claire, the market-leading women’s glossy for which she was voted BSME (British Society of Magazine Editors) Editor of the Year in 2013. She has also edited fashion title In Style and lifestyle glossy Red, where she won the BSME award in 2003 and 2005. A patron of children’s charity Rainbow Trust, Trish lives in South West London with her husband, photographer Neil Cooper, and their twins Esmé and Kit.

David Haye
Former World Heavyweight Champion
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David Haye is a former World Heavyweight Champion having held four titles across two weight classes.

As one of the most admired British boxers, David has this year staged a spectacular return to the ring following serious surgery on his shoulder. His January comeback fight at London's The O2, saw him knock out his opponent Australian Mark de Mori in 131 seconds.

David is currently in training for the second fight of his comeback to be held on Saturday 21st May 2016.
Sir John Hegarty
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Sir John Hegarty
Nick Gill
Noreena Hertz
Academic, Economist & Author
Noreena Hertz Info Events
Professor Hertz is a bestselling author, economist, strategist (and most recently Weber Shandwick Strategic Partner) who advises some of the world’s top CEOs and political leaders on economic and geopolitical risks, digital transformation, Generation K and millennials.

Described by the Observer as “one of the world’s leading young thinkers”, Vogue as “one of the world’s most inspiring women” and on the Cover of Newsweek’s September 30th 2013 issue, Noreena’s most recent books, The Silent Takeover, IOU:The Debt Threat and Eyes Wide Open have been published in 22 countries.

Noreena’s ongoing research on what she calls Generation K (14 – 21 year olds) was launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos and at the Women in the World Summit in New York City and has already been featured in publications including The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Daily Telegraph, El Pais and The Financial Times.
Sarah Hewson
Sarah Hewson Info Events
Sarah Hewson presents Sky News Tonight alongside Adam Boulton, weekdays from 7pm – 9pm.

Sky News Tonight is broadcast live from Sky News’ state of the art Westminster Studio, showcasing the best of Sky News’ journalism with interviews with major guests, studio debate, analysis and a pioneering social media cross-over.

Prior to this, Sarah and Adam presented Boulton and Co covering on the day breaking news stories and hard hitting debates from the Japanese tsunami to the Arab spring, the Eurozone crisis to the capture of Colonel Gaddafi, with Sarah breaking the news live on air that the former dictator had died. Autumn 2011 saw the Boulton and Co team take the show on the road, with Sarah presenting live from the Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem political party conferences.
Alex James
Cheese Maker & Bass Player
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Alex James was born in Bournemouth, Dorset in 1968. He first picked up the bass in 1984 and after meeting Graham Coxon at Goldsmiths College, became the bassist in Blur alongside Graham, Dave Rowntree and Damon Albarn when the band formed in 1989. Blur went on to become one of the most successful and influential bands of the Britpop era. The band’s seven studio albums topped the charts in the UK, with 11 top 10 singles along the way, including Country House, Song 2 and Beetlebum. And 16 years since their last album as a four-piece, 2015 saw the release of The Magic Whip, the critically acclaimed new studio album from Blur. The band went on to headline at the Isle of Wight Festival and London’s Hyde Park.
A prolific writer, and broadcaster Alex James has a regular column in the Sunday Telegraph called ‘Mucking In’ which focuses on farm and family life . He also writes about food for The Sun, and has previously been employed as a columnist for Q Magazine, The Spectator and The Independent. He has a show every Saturday on Classic FM and has been a regular contributor to Radio 4’s On Your Farm. 2007 saw the publication of A Bit Of A Blur, the first instalment of his memoir, the second volume All Cheeses Great And Small was published in 2011.

He has also had great success as a cheese maker and co-creator of ‘Alex James Presents’ – a range of award winning British artisan cheeses including ‘Blue Monday’, ‘Good Queen Maude’, ‘Little Wallop’, ‘Farleigh Wallop’, and ‘Goddess’ which recently won the top accolade of Super Gold at the World Cheese Awards.

And in September, James will once again host the annual food and music festival The Big Festival on his farm.

Alex James is married and lives on a farm in the Cotswolds with his wife and five children.
Joshua Kane
Fashion Designer
Jim Kerr
Musician & Singer-Songwriter
Jim Kerr Info Events
Jim Kerr is a Scottish musician and singer-songwriter, best known as lead singer of the rock band Simple Minds, who achieved five UK No. 1 albums. Simple Minds were the standard bearers for a new kind of rock music in the 1980s. They took the jagged, glacial hues and art-rock invention of the post-punk generation and constructed a musical Colossus.

And now, almost three-and-a-half decades on from their first real landmark album – 1980's thrilling, impressionistic Empires And Dance – the Glasgow quintet, with frontman Kerr and guitarist Burchill at their creative core, are rekindling the energy and attitude, the mystery and magic, that made them one of the greatest bands on the planet.
Ian King
Business Presenter
Ian King Info Events
Ian King joined Sky News as Business Presenter in April 2014. His show, Ian King Live, is broadcast live from the iconic Gherkin building in the City of London at 6.30pm Monday to Thursday and sees Ian interview the biggest names in business, finance and economics. Ian regularly appears on Sky News throughout the day to offer commentary and analysis on breaking news stories and is a regular contributor to the Sky News website.

Ian has been a business journalist for national newspapers and on television for more than two decades although the first piece of journalism for which he was paid was published in the Manchester Evening News. His career in business journalism began at the Daily Telegraph, after which he worked on the business desks of both The Guardian and the Mail on Sunday. He then became Business Editor of The Sun in a stint that saw him named Business Journalist of the Year at the 2005 UK Press Awards and Business Journalist of the Year in the 2007 London Press Club Awards as well as being nominated for numerous other awards.

In 2008, Ian joined The Times as Deputy Business Editor, before being promoted to Business & City Editor at the beginning of 2011. Under his leadership, his department was named Business Team of the Year at the 2012 UK Press Awards. Unusually for a business journalist, Ian also has practical experience of the City, having worked for more than three years as a business analyst for Midland Bank Group.

Brought up in Bristol and in Devon, Ian has a degree in History from the University of Manchester, where he also served as full-time editor of the student union newspaper, Mancunion. He also has a Postgraduate Diploma in Newspaper Journalism from City University. Married with three children, he lives in London.
James Kirkham
James Kirkham Info Events
James Kirkham is the Global Head of Social and Mobile for Leo Burnett’s newly formed social and mobile unit. Most recently, James was the Managing Director of Holler, the digital strategy agency he formed in February 2001 with business partner Will Pyne. The Publicis Groupe purchased Holler in July 2012. Holler’s clients include Absolut Vodka, innocent Drinks, Mercedes Benz, Now TV, Red Bull and Revlon..

New Media Age listed Holler as a "one to watch" in its Top 100 guide and wrote that Holler has "one of the most impressive client lists in the UK."Holler was behind the critically acclaimed and award winning marketing for "Skins" on E4, a ground breaking approach to marketing and media strategy that led to a host of awards including three prestigious IPA awards and the first Guardian MEGA for best advertising. It was the first television show to be marketed using social media in the UK. Holler also received two Interactive Marketing & Advertising Awards at IPA 2008, winning "Best Entertainment Category" for Skins series 2 and the IMA 2008 Grand Prix. Their cross-platform expertise was recognised when they received a 2009 BAFTA nomination for social media project "Year Dot." Holler's "Tweet & Eat" campaign for innocent Drinks was shortlisted for 4 digital awards in 2012. Also in 2012, Holler executed the social media strategy and activation around Mercedes-Benz' "You Drive" A-class campaign, the first television advert in the world to be driven by social media.James is a highly respected commentator on the digital marketing industry, speaking regularly at conferences including The Guardian Changing Media Summit, MIPCOM, MIPTV, co-chairing The Media Festival (2009, 2010), presenting at the "4 Talent’" showcase, Promax and BETT education conferences and contributing to a range of publications including The Sunday Times, Broadcast and Creative Review.James presented at Cannes Lions in June 2012 and 2013.
Jonathan Kitchen
Commercial and Strategy Consultant
Jonathan Kitchen Info Events
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With extensive experience of media, advertising and digital innovation I am genuinely passionate about technology and content meet to create brilliant user experience.

Much of my career has been with Dennis Publishing which has included selling advertising and commercial solutions across multiple brands from PC Pro to Auto Express and The Week.

I have run multiple cross-platform sales teams and have worked across new innovative launches in the digital space including setting and executing strategy for apps.

In the last 3 years I launched and ran Adnostic- an agency that allowed advertisers to create fully interactive ads that can run across multi-platform apps, in addition to managing creative and content solution strategy and production for Dennis Publishing.

I am currently working as a commercial and strategy consultant for Fliplet- a innovative app build platform, working closely with the business to identify new commercial opportunities and develop growth strategy
Lauren Laverne
Co-founder, Broadcaster
Lauren Laverne Info Events
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Lauren Laverne began her career in indie band Kenickie. Following the group’s split in 1998 Lauren moved into broadcasting. In radio her highly acclaimed stint as a DJ for leading London radio station XFM was followed by a move to BBC 6Music, where she now hosts a daily show.
Lauren also has successful and varied on-screen career, presenting TV shows such as Transmission, The Culture Show, Style on Trial, 10 O'Clock Live and host the Turner Prize Awards and the Mercury Prize Awards each year.
In 2010 Lauren published her first book: Candy Pop: Candy and the Broken Biscuits and she began a weekly fashion column for the Observer Magazine.
In 2015 Lauren co-found The Pool, a website for “women who are too busy to browse” which includes includes news comment around fashion, culture, food, music & literature.
Also in 2015 Lauren curated and hosted 6 Late Night Womens Hour discussions for BBCR4 and and presented a BBCR4 Documentary entitled ‘From the Self to the Selfie’.
Ian McElhinney
Nicola Mendelsohn CBE
Nicola Mendelsohn CBE Info Events
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Mira Mikati
Fashion Designer
Mira Mikati Info Events
London-based Lebanese designer, Mira Mikati, began her fashion career in 2007 as co-founder of the Middle East's leading concept store, Plum. In 2012, Mikati was invited to design a capsule collection for Parisian label Façonnable: "As a buyer I wished I could find something fun that was also beautifully tailored," says Mikati. "Which is exactly what I set out to do." The capsule collection went on to become a sellout success. Encouraged, Mikati began her eponymous label, which today counts Beyoncé and Rihanna as fans. Now in its third season, Mira Mikati uniquely combines fun, emoji-style detailing with elegant, grown-up silhouettes.
Mikati's close art world connections continue to inspire her designs - in particular, the works of artists Takashi Murakami, Yoshitomo Nara, Darcel, and KAWS, with whom she collaborated with for Spring/Summer '16. "I have always collected KAWS' toys, even when that meant staying up all night to buy a rare edition online," Mikati says. "He is one of my favourite artists in the world - collaborating with him is a dream come true.
Piers Morgan
US Editor-at-Large
Piers Morgan Info Events
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Piers was appointed the youngest ever editor of The News of the World when he was 28. He later moved to the Daily Mirror where he served as editor for ten years. He went on to serve as a judge on Britain and America’s Got Talent, won the first series of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice show, and replaced Larry King at CNN where he hosted his own nightly show for three years. Piers is a bestselling author and co-hosts Good Morning Britain on ITV1 and is Editor-at-Large for
Nigel Morris
CEO, Americas & EMEA
Nigel Morris Info Events
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Nigel Morris is the CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network Americas & EMEA. Morris was instrumental in shaping Aegis Media as the first agency group designed for convergence. He pioneered the launch of a new Operating Model enabling the group to work in a highly collaborative way with no silos enabled through a one P+L structure. His bold move first produced dramatic growth at Aegis Media Americas.

Under his leadership Aegis Media Americas added over $6 billion in new business wins from Gillette, Red Bull, Relativity, Diageo, The Home Depot, Disney, Macy’s and Sony Play Station and spearheaded the largest win in industry history with General Motors.
Al Murray
Al Murray Info Events
almurray LinkedIn Connect

Al Murray with his alter-ego, The Pub Landlord, is one of the most recognisable and successful comics in the UK.

For over 20 years Al has filled arenas around the world, won numerous awards and accolades and has successfully hosted and an array of TV series which include Al Murray’s Happy Hour (ITV) and the ground breaking sitcom Time Gentlemen Please (Sky One) which has become something of a modern day cult classic.
Eileen Naughton
Managing Director
Eileen Naughton Info Events
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Eileen Naughton is Managing Director for Google UK & Ireland, responsible for revenue and business operations in Google’s second-largest market. Most recently, as Vice President of Global Sales, she was Google’s senior relationship manager with its largest advertising and agency clients. She earlier led sales and operations for YouTube and Google’s display business in the US and Americas, and led Google’s post-acquisition integration of DoubleClick ad tech platforms and ad exchange business. Prior to joining Google in 2006, Eileen held a number of executive positions at Time Warner Inc. as president of TIME magazine, general manager of Fortune magazine, VP of investor relations and president of Time Inc. Interactive, responsible for the digital assets of Time Warner’s publishing division.
Tiff Needell
Racing Driving and Media Professional
Tiff Needell Info Events
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Professional racing driver and motoring journalist. Former Formula 1, sportscar and touring car driver. Third place at Le Mans in 1990. Voiceover artist for 'TOCA Touring Car series’, 'Ferrari Challenge' and 'Le Mans 24 Hours' video games. Former co-host of Top Gear, current host of Driven, contributor to evo.
Anton Oliver
Former Captain
Anton Oliver Info Events
Retired ex Rugby Union New Zealand captain.
Tom Parker Bowles
Food Critic
Tom Parker Bowles Info Events
Tom Parker Bowles is the Restaurant Critic for The Mail on Sunday and Food Editor for Esquire magazine. He’s also contributing Editor to Conde Nast Traveller (UK) and Departures (US) as well as regularly contributing to Country Life magazine. He’s the author of 5 books on food, the latest of which, Let’s Eat Meat, came out last year. He has also presented or judged in numerous television programmes (The F Word, Market Kitchen, The Hotplate (Australia).
Lindsay Pattison
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Lindsay joined Maxus in October 2009 in the newly created position of CEO to drive the Maxus brand to a new level, both in the UK and as part of the global management team.

In August 2012, Lindsay was named as the new Global Chief Strategy Officer for Maxus, working alongside her duties in the UK. She now takes direct responsibility for global planning, data & insights, digital, marketing and new business functions. Going forwards she will also play a leading role in global client relationships, many of which are based in the UK.

Lindsay is involved with industry events and is now a member of the WEF Global Agenda Council on the Future of Media, sits on the WACL Exec committee and has contributed to events including the Facebook Influencer Summit and Google Zeitgeist.

Prior to Maxus Lindsay worked at PHD for 5 years and in media for over 18 years. Lindsay has also worked client-side at Sony Ericsson, after starting out at Young & Rubicam in a full service environment.
Jonathan M. Perelman
Head, Digital
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Jonathan Perelman leads ICM Partners Digital Ventures department. The department focuses on expanding the agency’s efforts across all aspects of the digital space, creating new businesses and bringing additional opportunities to our clients around the world.

Jonathan joins us from BuzzFeed, where he served as the Vice President of Motion Pictures. He led strategy, operations, development and partnerships for BuzzFeed Motion Pictures, where he helped the business grow into a top video producer on the Internet, with 1.5 billion monthly views and releasing 75 original clips a week. In addition, he created more than 20 syndication and content partnerships with leading global social platforms and portals. Jonathan also served as the Vice President of Agency Strategy and Industry Development at BuzzFeed.

Prior to his time at BuzzFeed, Jonathan spent more than six years at Google. He also founded Lighthouse Group, an independent global media and entertainment advisory firm that advises start-ups. He has been featured in AdWeek as a Top 50 Media & Advertising Executive, as well as on VideoInk as a Dealmaker of the Year. Jonathan is also an advisor and board member to a number of start-ups.

Rhianna Pratchett
video-game scriptwriter
Rhianna Pratchett Info Events
As well as being a cat-loving, tea-drinking Brit, Rhianna Pratchett is also an award-winning, eighteen-year veteran of the games industry. She has wrestled the wild beasts of narrative on titles such as: Heavenly Sword, Mirror’s Edge, the entire Overlord series, Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Rhianna is regularly named as one of the most influential and recognised women in games, and has spoken on numerous panels, podcasts and documentaries. She is currently on scribing duties for Warner Brothers, and also works in comics, film and TV, with two novel-to-screen adaptations and a TV series in the works.
Sean Rad
CEO & Founder
Jay Rayner
Journalist, Writer, Broadcaster, Musician
Jay Rayner Info Events
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Jay Rayner is an award-winning writer, journalist and broadcaster. He was born in London in 1966 and has written extensively across the British and international media as both feature writer and columnist on everything from crime and politics, to the arts and fashion. He now writes for the Observer, where he is a feature writer and restaurant critic.
Michael Roth
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
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Bob Safian
Justin Byam Shaw
Bob Safian
Editor, Managing Director
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Robert Safian is editor-in-chief and managing director of the influential, award-winning business magazine Fast Company and its digital and live-event affiliates. He oversees all editorial operations and plays a key role in guiding the enterprise’s advertising, marketing, and consumer-engagement efforts. Under Safian’s leadership, Fast Company has received numerous accolades, including the highly coveted National Magazine Award for Magazine of the Year in 2014. Named Editor of the Year by Adweek in 2009, Safian has also served as an executive editor for Time and Fortune and headed Money as its chief editor for six years.

Under Safian’s direction, Fast Company has garnered a reputation for highlighting the “new” in business while keeping reverence to “tried and true.” Whether exploring a startup in Detroit or the tech scene in Palo Alto, an innovator in Singapore or an iconoclast in Mumbai, Fast Company consistently adopts a fresh and honest take on business. By presenting stories of the people behind innovative business thinking, it gives hope to millions of workers, entrepreneurs, and leaders that meaningful change is possible.

Safian has appeared on CBS, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC and other TV networks and has been a featured speaker at events ranging from SxSW Interactive to the Cisco Systems CIO Summit, the United Nation’s Global Accelerators Council
to the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival.

Safian began his career with a seven-year tenure at The American Lawyer, where he rose from summer intern to executive editor. He joined SmartMoney in 1994 and moved to Fortune in 1997. Money was a National Magazine Finalist four times under Safian's leadership and he played key roles in securing National Magazine Awards for The American Lawyer, SmartMoney, and TIME. He joined Fast Company in 2007
Cilla Snowball
Group Chairman & Group CEO
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Pippa Glucklich
Mel Scott
Sir Martin Sorrell
Chief Executive
Sir Martin Sorrell Info Events
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Sir Martin Sorrell founded WPP, the world’s largest advertising and marketing services group, in 1985 and has been chief executive for the last 30 years.

WPP companies provide clients with advertising, media investment management, data investment management, public relations and public affairs, branding and identity, healthcare communications, direct, digital, promotion and relationship marketing and specialist communications services.

Collectively, WPP employs over 190,000 people (including associates and investments) in more than 3,000 offices in 112 countries. The Group’s worldwide companies include J Walter Thompson, Ogilvy & Mather, Y&R;, Grey, Mindshare, MEC, MediaCom, Maxus, Xaxis, Kantar (including Millward Brown and TNS), Wunderman, Burson-Marsteller, Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Landor, Brand Union, Fitch, The Partners, AKQA and WPP Digital. Clients include 344 of the Fortune Global 500, all 30 of the Dow Jones 30 and 69 of the NASDAQ 100. In 2015, WPP had revenues of $19 billion and billings of $73 billion.

At the 2015 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, WPP was named Holding Company of the Year for the fifth year running. WPP was also named, for the fourth consecutive year, the World's Most Effective Holding Company in the 2015 Effie Effectiveness Index, which recognizes the effectiveness of marketing communications.

In October 2015, Sir Martin was named the world's fifth best-performing CEO by Harvard Business Review, and in January 2016 he was voted the joint “most impressive business person” in the UK by his peers.
Farrah Storr
Stanley Tucci
Ed Vaizey
MP & Minister of State for Culture & the Digital Economy

Ed Vaizey Info Events
Ed Vaizey MP was appointed Minister of State at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, with responsibility for digital industries on 15 July 2014. Ed was first elected as the MP for Wantage in 2005. He was re-elected in 2010, and May 7 2015.
Phil Vickery
MBE (England Rugby), World Cup Winner 2003
Phil Vickery Info Events
Phil Vickery MBE is seen as one of the legends of the game of Rugby Union. Capped 73 times for his country, and twice a British & Irish Lion, he also captained England at the 2007 World Cup and was part of the historic team that lifted the Webb Ellis trophy in 2003. Although retired from the game he is still actively involved through coaching and commentating. His views are regularly sought by the media and he writes regular columns for the national press.

Phil’s profile extends well beyond rugby with high profile appointments such as ambassador to the Prince of Wales’ Countryside Trust, work with Wooden Spoon and promotional work with global brand McDonalds.

Currently Phil is proud to support the 'Running for Rangers' team with Shaun Leavy, featuring his clothing range 'Raging Bull' as sponsor
Terry Waite

Terry Waite Info Events
For most of his life Terry Waite has worked in the area of international affairs and has worked in most of the worlds conflict zones. As a young man, whilst living in Uganda, he negotiated directly with the late General Amin for the release of hostages; and as a member of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s private staff was successful in aiding the freedom of hostages in Iran, Libya and Beirut. It was in Beirut that he was captured and spent almost five years in solitary confinement. In the apartheid years he worked closely with Bishop Desmond Tutu and has continued his work for the disadvantaged in South Africa. He was a joint founder of YCare, an agency working for the development of young people throughout the world. He is President of Emmaus for the homeless and a joint founder of Hostage UK. He has written several books ranging from a serious account of his years in captivity, Taken on Trust, to his latest book, a comic novel, The Voyage of the Golden Handshake. He believes that it is vital that we retain our humour in the face of some of the grim realities of life and that laughter is therapeutic for all of us. He is both an Anglican and a Member of the Society of Friends. He is not a pacifist but strongly believes that force should only be used as an absolute last resort. That, he says, has not been the case in recent years and has resulted in dreadful chaos right across the Middle East.
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