Part-time Lover; Hiring & Managing Freelancers - Workshop

Thursday, 21 April at 4:30 PM

The Sun Studio    View Map

In this session...

How to hire and manage freelancers more effectively - a workshop.

The market for part-time staff is incredibly hot; partly because of the skills shortage and partly because we're increasingly working on a project by project basis with clients, so the need for a flexible and specialist workforce is heightened. However, hiring and managing freelancers can be extremely time consuming and expensive. Hear from innovators in the field that have developed new models to help you quickly and easily connect and manage freelance talent including The Dots, The Backscratchers, Onsite and Design Talent and workshop solutions for your respective businesses. View Less

Presented with


Pip Jamieson Founder The Dots
Jody Orsborn Co-founder Backscratchers
Paul Macgregor Founder OnSite
Ben Curwood CEO Designtalent