The Future of Automation

Tuesday, 19 April at 10:30 AM

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The automation of advertising has its genesis in 'programmatic' ads online, but in the past few years we've seen the emergence of advertising automation across multiple media types. The participants on this panel will explore the disruption of advertising technology in their own sectors, namely TV, Outdoor, Print, Digital and Radio. We will also be discussing the opportunity of a centralised platform through which one could plan and execute an 'omnichannel' advertising campaign in real time.

Programmatic advertising has taken the lion’s share of headlines in recent years, but this is only a subset of a broader trend of advertising automation that is revealing itself in different ways across different media. The advertising industries of TV, Outdoor, Digital, Print and Radio are all being disrupted by consumer technology, big data and advances in advertising technology. The signs point to an ‘omnichannel’ horizon in which the media planner/buyer of the future is able to plan, execute and refine campaigns centrally and in real-time across multiple channels.

Today, we are seeing this manifest in a number of ways, be it through addressability, increased interoperability, or the use of advanced data signals to tie together different media channels. There is undoubtedly significant innovation across all media sectors and this session seeks to explore the opportunity this presents for buyers today and where it is likely to lead in the next few years. View Less

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Chris New Commercial Director Clear Channel
David Fisher Head of Digital Sky Media
Hannah Buitekant
Jonathan Forster VP, EMEA Advertising and Partnerships Spotify
Oli Whitten SVP of Europe and Interim Head of International Rubicon Project
Theo Theodorou GM EMEA xAd Location Based Mobile

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