Wallflowers At The Orgy

Wednesday, 20 April at 11:30 AM

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In this session...

What business stories prompt a reporter to start pounding at a keyboard? What makes the perfect CEO interview subject – and the worst? And do reporters faithfully deliver the news or occasionally try to make the headlines themselves? Are they content to be “Wallflowers At The Orgy”, as memorably described by the American journalist Nora Ephron, or do they have a bigger part?

Find out when we turn the tables and put questions to scribes from the national news brands.

This will be an essential session for senior directors who care how the media cover their business and have been grilled themselves – or who are preparing for when they have to face the press.

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Martin Loat Founder Propeller Group
Robert Cookson Digital Media Correspondent Financial Times
Lauren Davidson Business Reporter Telegraph Media Group
Graham Hiscott Business Editor Daily Mirror
Ian Burrell Media Columnist The i