M&S;Poacher Turned Gamekeeper

Wednesday, 20 April at 5:00 PM

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In this session...

Poacher turned gamekeeper - lessons in moving from FMCG into retail and how retailers think. What to look out for if thinking of moving in to retail, staying in marketing but into a different type of organisation or how to learn from a different way of applying marketing principles in different businesses. How to win around a retailer if you are selling to them

After a number of years in Brand Management Nathan took the plunge and moved industries - taking the leap from packaged goods and into retail marketing, working at Marks and Spencer.
Much to his delight (and some suprise) he has learned more in retail than he ever could have imagined. The aim of this session is to share some of the key things he has learned along the way... especially the things he wishes he had known before he started in FMCG. View Less


Nathan Ansell Director Loyalty Customer Insights & Analytics M&S;

Part of
Marketer's Innovation Track