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ITV Stage
9:00 AM   ITV Stage

The TIME Debate

10:00 AM   ITV Stage

The Dog & Skateboard Pub Quiz: What it Takes to Win the Game of Great Brand Content for YouTube

11:00 AM   ITV Stage

Rugby World Cup 2015

12:00 PM   ITV Stage

Start-ups, Turnarounds, Robots

1:00 PM   ITV Stage

The Lighthouse Company In Interview with Yannick Bolloré

3:00 PM   ITV Stage

The Business of News - John Witherow in Conversation with Jeremy Paxman

4:00 PM   ITV Stage

Does Politics Need the X Factor?

5:00 PM   ITV Stage

Wired Innovation Roundtable

YouTube Stage
9:30 AM   YouTube Stage

What Your CFO Needs You To Know

10:30 AM   YouTube Stage

Let's Get Ready To Rumble! £100k Giveaway!

11:30 AM   YouTube Stage

Dennis Publishing Introduces: The Heart of England Forest

12:30 PM   YouTube Stage

"Just Because You Can..." The Rules for Personalisation

1:30 PM   YouTube Stage

Boot Room to Newsroom

2:30 PM   YouTube Stage

Buyer or Consultant? What is the Role of the Media Agency Today?

3:30 PM   YouTube Stage

Ideas Without Limits: The Future of Commerce is Brand Commerce

4:30 PM   YouTube Stage

Augmented Creativity: Man vs. Machine

5:30 PM   YouTube Stage

The Creep Show

9:30 AM   ADARA Stage

20:20 Vision: A £10 billion+ Digital Industry

10:15 AM   ADARA Stage

Programmatic 101

11:00 AM   ADARA Stage

The War on Ad Fraud

11:45 AM   ADARA Stage

How Will Programmatic TV Change the TV Landscape?

12:30 PM   ADARA Stage

Decoding Programmatic

1:15 PM   ADARA Stage

Advertising Automation: Into the Looking Glass

2:00 PM   ADARA Stage

The New Holy Grail

2:45 PM   ADARA Stage

Programmatic: Problem or Panacea?

3:30 PM   ADARA Stage

NEW - AOP Special Announcement

4:15 PM   ADARA Stage

AWEurope Data Congress

St James's
9:30 AM   St James's

Winners: How They Succeed with Alastair Campbell

10:30 AM   St James's

Facebook Creative Talks, Part I

11:30 AM   St James's

Business is Global: Maurice Lévy Live In London

9:00 AM   Underground

Live with the Roundhouse

10:00 AM   Underground

Predictions for the Future of Media

11:00 AM   Underground

How to Win Brands and Influence People: Why Social Influencers are the New Celebrities

12:00 PM   Underground

Is Branded Content Inspiring Film?

1:00 PM   Underground

The Private Life of Mail

2:00 PM   Underground

It's LIVE! Exploring The Massive Marketer Shift Back to the Physical World

3:00 PM   Underground

The Future of Media: Boom or Bust?

4:00 PM   Underground

Is it Time to Bring Back the Full Service Agency?

5:00 PM   Underground

Escaping The Walled Gardens

Newsroom Studio
9:00 AM   Newsroom Studio

Adopting the Missionary Position?

10:00 AM   Newsroom Studio

London: The 24hr Connected City

11:00 AM   Newsroom Studio

Out of Home, Never Out of Context

12:00 PM   Newsroom Studio

What Data Can DOOH For Us Today! Realising the Potential for Brands

1:00 PM   Newsroom Studio

Dutch Digital Design: Local Attitude with Global Appeal

2:00 PM   Newsroom Studio

The Future of Branding: A D&AD; Training Taster with Michael Johnson, Creative Director and Founder of Johnson Banks

3:00 PM   Newsroom Studio

The Mobile Music Moment is Now

4:00 PM   Newsroom Studio

The Future of Talent: See the Industry Through the Eyes of Creative Pioneers

5:00 PM   Newsroom Studio

Huddle Hack: Good Things Happen in the Space Where Data, Content and Technology Collide

Special Events
8:00 AM   Ronnie Scott's

The Guardian Leadership Breakfast: Influence in a Fragmented Age

12:15 PM   Fortnum & Mason

Grazia Culture + Commerce Luncheon

6:00 PM   Guildhall

Advertising Week Europe Opening Gala

6:00 PM   Newsroom Café

The Advertising Association Presents: Last One Standing

7:30 PM   Scala

Spotify Opening Gig In partnership with Yahoo