The Death of the Wild West: Putting the Consumer First in the Ad Block Debate

Monday, 18 April at 10:15 AM

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Marketers, agency reps and publishers delve into the consumer side of ad blocking, examining implications for publishers, and best practices for 2016 and beyond.

Digital Content Next\'s 2015 ad block report examined consumer attitudes toward ad blocking software, and found that more than 70% of consumers dislike ads that expand over content or play with sound, 68% are concerned when ads track their behavior and 57% note their web pages load too slowly with ads. The 2015 Adobe/PageFair report showed similar overall consumer dissatisfaction with ad and content experiences. Ad blocking adoption is growing – Europe is ahead of the U.S. -- and marketers and publishers must address this consumer concern or suffer the consequences.

Putting consumer experience at the center of discussions between privacy advocates, publishers and solution providers about long-term solutions is the right first step, but what’s next? What does the consumer want and how do publishers respond? DCN will gather industry experts moderated by CEO Jason Kint to explore the issues and possible answers.
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Jason Kint CEO Digital Content Next
Chris Duncan Chief Customer Officer News UK
Brendan Eich President and CEO Brave Software
Dr. Johnny Ryan Head of Ecosystem PageFair
Raegan MacDonald Senior EU Policy Manager Mozilla

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