What is the Biggest Single Challenge Facing Adland?

Thursday, 21 April at 11:30 AM

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As IPA president Tom Knox says: ''It remains an uncomfortable truth that men dominate creative departments and this cannot be good for creativity and our ability to solve our clients’ business problems. Finding ways to encourage more women into creative departments and keep them there is an urgent necessity.'

This panel explores how agencies, the industry and recruitment can make this change happen - and the impact it could have on business and female consumers.

Something's not adding up in AdLand. Women now account for 85% of all purchasing decisions - from tech and cars to homes and utilities - and yet they make up only 13% of London's Creative Directors and a poor 25% of creative departments. McKinsey studies have shown that diverse teams not only impact the quality of creative product but are also better for business. But how do we start to balance the stats?

Tackling the issue from many directions our panelists come from journalism, management, recruitment, and agencies aiming to highlight the business necessity for change and the bottom-line benefits of more diverse creative departments.

Run by The Industry Club, recruitment and training experts for the creative industries, and Creative Equals, a movement to change the gender ratio of creative agencies in the UK.

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Daniele Fiandaca Token Man/Creative Social Founder
Melissa Smith Founder The Industry Club
Harriet Minter Editor of the Guardian's Women in Leadership section Guardian News & Media
Simon Richings Executive Creative Director AnalogFolk
Becky McOwen-Banks Partner Creative Equals & Creative Director FCB Inferno
Ali Hanan Founder & Creative Director Creative Equals

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