Data & CreativityWho Holds the Power?

Tuesday, 19 April at 11:15 AM

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Blow your socks off creative can live long in the memory but it's never guaranteed campaign success, planners have always had to pore over media plans and distribution strategies to maximise a message. In 2016, insight-based planning, real-time tailoring of campaigns and creatives to different datasets, and programmatic trading are seen as a must, not a maybe. Where does this reliance on data leave the creative? Is execution being commoditised, is the creative more important than ever, or does the balance lie somewhere between the creative and data geek? This esteemed panel looks at all angles.

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Laurie Segall Technology Correspondent CNNMoney
Rob Bradley Global Director, Digital Ad Revenue & Data CNN
Vijayanta Gupta Head of Product & Industry Marketing and Industry Strategy Adobe
Krane Jeffery Head of Digital Solutions RTL Group
Ann Wixley ECD OMD

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