That’s disgusting: Evoke and Provoke, Emotions in Advertising

Thursday, 21 April at 3:30 PM

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In this session...

Our panel's going to be discussing the role of emotions and storytelling in great advertising.

People absorb brand messaging every day – on both a conscious and unconscious level. Whether that’s adverts, logos, packaging or something else, they’re a familiar background and foreground presence in our lives. When the message is properly thought through it can provoke an emotional reaction or evoke a memory, a feeling.

This is hugely powerful.

In the world of advertising, there’s so much research that underpins campaigns to make sure each one has the best chance of impact and success. The advertising industry have proven that women respond more favourably to adverts that show social interactions, rather than people by themselves; and that images with curved edges are better at generating positive brand associations with consumers than those with pointed edges.

We also know that story telling is a compelling way to engage with each other. People pay more attention when they are listening to a story. Stories capture imagination. We know it’s a critical piece of the emotional journey people have with brands – carving a story and conveying it in a way that resonates with the public is powerful in drawing consumer interest in, and delivering real impact.
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Presented with


Guy Browning Director Smokehouse
Lucy Beresford Psychotherapist & LBC Radio Presenter
James Mitchell Senior Planner & Writer McGarryBowen
Louise Stubbings Sales Director Clear Channel's Storm
James Nester Executive Creative Director UK/EMEA Weber Shandwick