Keeping up with Consumers' Content Demands with One by AOL for Publishers

Thursday, 21 April at 11:00 AM

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Consumers’ constantly changing attitudes include a growing skepticism about online content. This results in a new imperative for brands and creators to develop content that is well-designed, easily accessible and authentic.
Join Henk Van Niekerk, Head of Publisher Services at AOL, as he shares his thoughts on getting true value/maintaining control of your inventory, retaining control of your audience & data, delivering better/more valuable ad/content video experiences, and making mobile monetisation simpler/more scalable

The amount of time and resources spent surviving the tech-tax and preparing for the next technology phenomena or sales investment is a struggle we are all too familiar with. Keeping our consumers, our content, our mission as publishers front of mind is a delicate balancing act and requires more support than we usually can afford to put forth.

At AOL, we understand all of this, because we’re a publisher too. We’ve spent the past eight years investing in publisher-first technology, both in house and through acquisitions, and now we have a solution to address the publisher’s monetisation needs of today and tomorrow.

Henk Van Niekerk, Head of Publisher Services at AOL shares his thoughts on:
- Getting true value and maintaining control of your inventory
- Retaining control of your audience & data
- Delivering better and more valuable video experiences, in both content and ads
- Making mobile monetisation simpler/more scalable View Less

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Henk Van Niekerk Head of Publisher Services AOL

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