Facebook & Instagram: A powerful combination

Monday, 18 April at 12:30 PM

The Sun Studio    View Map

In this session...

In this informative session, Adaptly and leaders from Facebook and Instagram, will explore how advertisers can leverage the strengths of the two platforms to deliver impactful business results.

Over one billion people spend their time on Facebook every day to connect with friends and family. Millions of people spend time on Instagram every day to follow their passions and explore the world through images and video. Today in the UK, 1 in every 4 minutes spent on a mobile, is on Facebook or Instagram.

Although Instagram and Facebook remain unique, essential consumer touch points in their own right, by advertising across both platforms, you now have more opportunity to reach more of your customers. The ability to select Instagram and Facebook for the same campaign now exists, optimizing delivery across advertisers' combined audience—which can make reaching customers more efficient.

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Ed Couchman Head of Agency Relations Facebook
Tim Page VP of Revenue, EMEA Adaptly