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Thought Leadership at BAFTA 195 Piccadily

Special Events Venues

Tue 4/01

Channel 4 Leadership Breakfast

Three powerhouses of British broadcasting operating the major TV networks within the Channel 4 Sales portfolio share views & insights in this intimate setting. Channel 4 Chief Executive David Abraham draws on the challenges faced in earning independent revenues whilst delivering on a public remit to innovate across all genres and support the UK creative sector. Joined by John Petter or BT Vision and Darren Childs of UKTV, all three channel heads will debate key issues and share their media predictions for the next 5 years. MORE
Kate Bulkley Journalist & Media Commentator
David Abraham Chief Executive, CHANNEL 4
Darren Childs CEO, UKTV
John Petter Chief Executive, BT VISION
9:00 AM
David Lean Room

The Mobile C-Suite

A view from the corner office. Industry leaders on the very latest. Insights from the front lines and leading practitioners in the booming mobile space.
James Connelly CEO, FETCH
Peter Dille CMO, TAPJOY
Trevor Healy CEO, AMOBEE
David Sear CEO , WEVE
Abhay Singhal Co-Founder & MD, EMEA, INMOBI
Redefining leadership in the ever-changing global landscape.
Olivia Solon Deputy Editor, WIRED
Carla Buzasi Editor-in-Chief, HUFFINGTONPOST UK
Erin "Mack" McKelvey Managing Partner, CEO, SALIENTMG
Ruth Mortimer Editor, MARKETING WEEK
Sarah Speake Director of Commercial Marketing & Research, ITV


An all-star mix of dynamic visionaries sitting at the cross-roads of advertising, brand, content and distribution.
Chris Duncan Director of Customer Sales, NEWS UK
Andrea Brown Managing Director, LIQUIDTHREAD
Scott Donaton Global Chief Content Officer & Head of UM Studios, UM
Tom Hind Director, Creative Content, GETTY IMAGES
Matthew Hook Managing Director, CARAT

Economist Masters of Monetization

Leading media practitioners discuss monetization strategies and technology in our any/all screen ecosystem.
Gary Knight Commercial Content Director, ITV
Matthew Dearden Chief Executive, CLEAR CHANNEL
Paul Hayes Managing Director, NEWS UK COMMERCIAL
Ed Laws Vice President & General Manager, INMOBI
9:45 AM
David Lean Room

Facebook 20/20 Vision

Facebook marked its 10 year anniversary only a couple of months ago and Julien Codorniou, Director of Partnerships at Facebook EMEA will be having an in-depth discussion with 3 of the most successful companies of the last decade that have truly revolutionized traditional industries. They will be reflecting on the last 10 years, opportunities technical innovation and new marketing platforms have brought to the table and how these movers and shakers have been taking advantage of the changing landscape and built successful businesses. This is a panel session not to miss and the panelists will be announced shortly.
Julien Codorniou Director of Partnerships, FACEBOOK EMEA
It's hard to get to the top but harder to stay there. Come and listen to the panel of experts who have done just that - Jeremy Darroch, CEO of BSKYB, Stephen Allan Global CEO of MediaCom, Will Greenwood MBE, rugby World Cup winner and Jo Elvin, editor of Glamour magazine to find out their tips on how they have achieved just that.
Lord Daniel Finkelstein
Stephen Allan Global CEO, MEDIACOM
Jeremy Darroch CEO, BSKYB
Will Greenwood MBE Rugby World Cup Winner

Gaining clarity in a Fragmented Technology Landscape

Technology that collects and activates data at scale has given marketers a much greater understanding of their customers, allowing for enhanced targeting of audiences. However, the proliferation of solutions has left the marketplace confused and fragmented. Erich Wasserman at MediaMath explains how a one-platform, cross-channel approach can deliver powerful marketing and ensure a competitive advantage. MORE
Erich Wasserman Chief Revenue Officer, MEDIAMATH

Safeguarding The UK’s Creative Economy: Copyright and the Role Of the Advertising Industry

Players from the worlds of film, TV and advertising discuss the threat of online copyright infringement to the UK’s Creative Economy – and its potential impact on brand safety. Curated by the IAB UK and the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT), we will highlight the positive contribution of the film and television industries to UK Plc. Shining a light on the work that has been undertaken by the industry, rightsholders and the City of London Police.
DCI Andy Fyfe Head of PIPCU, PIPCU
Michelle Lawrence Director of UK Sales, DOUBLE VERIFY
Kieron Sharpe Director General, FACT
Nick Stringer Director of Regulatory Affairs, IAB UK
Will Page Director of Economics, SPOTIFY

ITV presents: Exposure Exposed - The story behind ‘The Other Side of Jimmy Savile’

October 2012 saw ITV’s Exposure reveal the shocking and unprecedented extent of Jimmy Savile’s crimes. We invite the documentary’s presenter, Mark Williams-Thomas, and Alex Gardiner, director of production company Shiver to discuss how the world has changed in the last 18 months, and explore the powerful role television can play in influencing society, politics and culture.
Natasha Kaplinsky Broadcaster, ITN
Alexander Gardiner Director, SHIVER, ITV STUDIOS
Mark Williams-Thomas Investigative Reporter

The Rise and Rise of Mobile Retail

How today's connected consumers are redefining the brand purchasing cycle. MORE
Harvey Sarjant Director of Product & Business Development (Europe) , RADIUMONE
Mark Cody Senior Group Marketing Manager, Mobile, TESCO
10:30 AM
David Lean Room

I am 67% Female - is that ok?

The fact that mobile cookie tracking is near impossible is old news… often omitted is that brands are spending more and more money on mobile advertising without fully knowing where their ads are being served. Is probabilistic targeting ok? Should brands that are committing up to 10% of their digital budgets on mobile accept this as ‘industry standard’ or is that why mobile is not getting a larger share of 'digital' budgets? Hear how we’re changing the face of mobile targeting and giving brands what they deserve…
Simon Andrews Founder, ADDICTIVE MOBILE
Greg Grimmer COO, FETCH
Sean O'Connell Product Director, WEVE
David Sear CEO , WEVE
Rob Thurner Managing Partner, BURN THE SKY

The 'owned future': brands as online broadcasters

In an increasingly digital and social world, creating powerful owned assets, supported by paid media, is becoming the best way to secure meaningful and long-lasting relationships with consumers. The astonishing growth of content created by a new generation of YouTube stars has paved the way for brands to make online video a central pillar of their owned approach.
Christine Beardsell Managing Director, NEWCAST UK
Derek Scobie Head of the Brand Proposition Team, NACE, YOUTUBE
Christian Stevenson DJ BBQ

How to find, engage and grow an audience of 18-24s who care about your brand

For a generation of young people today, being online feels as vital to their everyday lives as eating and drinking - to the point where 80% say they suffer negative emotions if they don’t have access to social media. Online marketing is essential, but how should brands respond and what role should they play?

Student Beans knows young people inside out. We will share inspiring case studies and fresh insights into what motivates 18-24s, helping you discover the benefits of engaging young people now for future rewards. MORE
James Eder Founder, STUDENT BEANS

Facebook: Measuring Effectiveness Workshop

Facebook’s head of measurement partnerships in EMEA, Alex North, will run a workshop on measuring the effectiveness of advertising on Facebook as part of the broader marketing mix. He will reference recent research and case studies, discuss how closed-loop ROI solutions can be used to measure effectiveness at a very granular level, and address the challenges faced in understanding how to utilise and measure mobile along with the other connected devices that people use today.
Alex North Measurement Partnership Lead, FACEBOOK
11:15 AM
David Lean Room

The VC View: Full Disclosure

Join Trevor Healy for an in-depth dialogue with leading venture capitalist Philippe Botteri from Accel Partners to discuss digital advertising and technology trends, hot markets to invest in and why, and the next BIG idea that is going to disrupt the market we know today.
Philippe Botteri Partner, ACCEL PARTNERS
Trevor Healy CEO, AMOBEE

Data and Technology: Re-writing the Script

A discussion on the effects advancing technology is having on the Entertainment industry and how this will impact on the relationship between advertisers and brands.

A look at the changes in TV, advertising, online, social media, home entertainment, video games and music, and how these trends will initiate new lines in funding, content production and curation to create a new ecosystem for Media and Entertainment.
Dominique Delport Global Managing Director, HAVAS MEDIA GROUP
Morgan Spurlock Writer, Director & Producer

Consuming Live Events: Information, Interaction, and Innovation

People increasingly consume live events with second screens distracting them; in the near future this attention will be captured by the broadcaster. The broadcaster will display information, derived from new data analytics (econometrics and machine learning) on new data streams (social media, online, fundamentals, etc.,) with the goal of increasing interaction (predictions or providing displays of support). This raw information is processed and fed back to the broadcast leading to more information and then interaction. MORE
Daniel Nye-Griffiths Contributing Editor, WIRED
David Rothschild Economist, MICROSOFT RESEARCH

Advertising Innovation Showcase: Future & Immediate Media Co

The transformation of the UK’s special-interest publishers into world-class, digitally-led content businesses continues at pace. A focus on inspirational brands, multi-channels and digital innovation is delivering inspiring content through state-of-the-art technology to ever larger, global audiences.

In this showcase, Future and Immediate Media Co demonstrate how cutting-edge advertisers are making use of the interactive advertising technologies available right now, and provide insight into what’s coming next. MORE
Hayley Granston Brand Partnerships Director, FUTURE
Krista Madden Founder, HANDPICKED MEDIA
Jo Morrell Managing Director Furture Women, FUTURE
Duncan Tickell Group Commercial Director , IMMEDIATE MEDIA CO.

How Do You Spot a Great Idea?

How do you spot a great IDEA? How BRAVE do you need to be? How much is pure GUT? What if the deal is HUGE? Stuart Murphy is the Director of Entertainment Channels at Sky. He deals in Big Ideas every day. He launched Sky Atlantic with Mad Men and Entourage, and runs Sky Arts and Sky Living. He commissioned An Idiot Aboard and Stella, and brought The Newsroom, Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones to the UK. Hear Stuart reveal his secrets to Debbie Klein, the CEO of Engine UK.
Debbie Klein Chief Executive, ENGINE
Stuart Murphy Director of Entertainment Channels, BSKYB
12:00 PM
David Lean Room

Getting serious about mobile - programmatically

Join AppNexus in this seminar to discover why and how Programmatic will shape the future of mobile advertising and audience engagement.
Nicolas Bidon Managing Director, XAXIS UK
Stephen Jenkins VP Marketing, EMEA, MILLENNIAL MEDIA
Miles Lewis VP, EMEA APAC Advertising Sales , SHAZAM
Brandon Paine VP Global Agencies & Advertisers, APPNEXUS

Yahoo Presents: Shortcast 2

How digital video content has become a daily habit.

What content, experiences, and discovery mechanisms lead to daily, habitual video usage in today’s landscape? Yahoo conducted qualitative and quantitative research to help address this challenge, and to also discover:
• How does cross device video consumption align with everyday lives?
• What is the role of new social apps in video consumption and discovery?
• What do consumers expect the future of video to look like?
Patrick Hourihan Director of Research, Northern Europe, YAHOO

Women in News

Featuring top female editorial and business executives at News UK
Rachel Richardson Editor, THE SUN’S FABULOUS MAGAZINE
Deborah Haynes The Times, DEFENCE EDITOR
Eleanor Mills Editorial Director, THE SUNDAY TIMES
Abba Newbery Strategy Director, NEWS UK
Deidre Sanders Agony Aunt, THE SUN
Emma Tucker Deputy Editor, THE TIMES
Katie Vanneck-Smith CMO, NEWS UK
12:45 PM
David Lean Room

Masters of Monetization: Mobile

Leading practitioners in the rapidly evolving mobile arena on driving revenue and growing share.
Branwell Johnson Deputy Editor, MARKETING WEEK
David Barker SVP and Managing Director EMEA, AMOBEE
Nigel Clarkson Commercial Director, WEVE
Nigel Gilbert VP Sales, EMEA, APPNEXUS

New Game, New Language: How Technology Has Fundamentally Changed the Visual And Verbal Rules of Engagement

The Digital Revolution has fundamentally changed the way we communicate. To connect with today and tomorrow's Digital Age, consumers and marketers need to become fluent in a new language of engagement. Join this lively panel discussion, hosted by Colin Byrne, CEO, Weber Shandwick, UK & EMEA, with leading professionals from Microsoft Research, Pearson English and the media world, as they outline the ten new visual and verbal golden rules of engagement, which can help marketers stay ahead of the curve.
Colin Byrne Chief Executive Officer, UK & EMEA, WEBER SHANDWICK
Richard Harper Principal Researcher in Socio-Digital Systems, Microsoft Research, MICROSOFT
Heather Mitchell, UNILEVER
Bhavneet Singh President and Chief Executive Officer, PEARSON ENGLISH

Practical Lessons on Performance Display Advertising

How incremental is performance display advertising to other marketing channels? Does it generate hard to reach users, or is it I simply paying twice for the same people?
What do we know about consumers who click on performance display ads? Are the "clickers" your target audience? MORE
Christian Armond General Manager, Digital Marketing, TUI TRAVEL
Jon Buss UK Managing Director, CRITEO
Bill Fisher Analyst/Writer, EMARKETER
Sylvain Piquet Director, Business Intelligence and Client Services, CRITEO

Tell Me A Bedtime Story

Evidently, the creative content agency, takes a refreshing look at practical lessons in storytelling every marketer should know. Daniel Zeff, CEO, is joined by Simon Clift, former Unilever CMO.
Simon Clift Former CMO, UNILEVER

Fast Company Disruptors

Cutting edge players on the connected life; content clutter; disruptive innovation; and the road ahead.
Bob Safian Editor, FAST COMPANY
Claudine Collins Managing Director, MEDIACOM
Roisin Donnelly Corporate Marketing Director, Head of Marketing, PROCTER & GAMBLE UK & IRELAND
Mark Howe Managing Director, Agency Sales, North & Central Europe, GOOGLE
Dan Wright Director, EU Advertising, AMAZON MEDIA GROUP

A Summer of Live Sport on Twitter

This Summer, people around the world will flock to Twitter to celebrate great sporting moments. This session will look at Twitter as a platform for delivering dynamic content at scale, in moments of relevance and how brands can plan for success.
William Scougal Head of Brand Strategy, TWITTER

Stand up for Planning

Why are all planners at Holler sent on intensive stand-up comedy workshops, and even asked to perform at comedy clubs?

James Kirkham and Jonathan Fraser, explore the between the arts of stand up comedy and planning in advertising.

They also give a glimpse of what planners can learn from stand up comedians, and vice-versa.
The session demonstrates the importance to creativity of unlocking the inner comedian with the aim of creating a Secret Society of Stand-ups within advertising. MORE
Jonathan Fraser Global Head of Strategic Ideas, HOLLER
James Kirkham Founder, HOLLER

Creative Review and Design Week present: Rapha - building a brand through creativity

Launched ten years ago, premium cycle brand Rapha has grown from start-up cycling company to clothing partner for Team Sky, the world's most successful cycling team. The Rapha team tell us how they used their unique brand positioning, commercial partnerships and content marketing to build a business success story.
Patrick Burgoyne Editor, CREATIVE REVIEW
Angus Montgomery Editor, DESIGN WEEK
Simon Mottram Co-founder, RAPHA
Slate Olson Chief marketing officer, RAPHA
2:00 PM
David Lean Room

The Big Event: Connecting Fans and Brands with the World Cup across every screen

Technology is evolving the way fans consume content and connect to sports - ESPN and other experts discuss how they are developing multi-platform strategies for Rio 2014, including a Q&A; with England, Liverpool and Real Madrid legend Steve McManaman. MORE
Alan Fagan Group Sales Director EMEA, ESPN
Tim Collins Managing Director, UK, OCTAGON
Paul Dwan Head of Assets and Experiential, COCA COLA COMPANY
Aisling McCarthy Group Account Director and global Adidas account lead, WE ARE SOCIAL

Cosmopolitan: Engaging Millennials.

Miss Understood! How to engage Millennials: Collaborative, Creative and Connected. A panel hosted by Editor in Chief Cosmopolitan Louise Court - panel includes Jameela Jamil TV and Radio presenter, Laura Bates founder Everyday Sexism, Kris Hallenga CEO Coppafeel and Sharmadean Reid founder Wah Nails. Cosmpolitan will talk to these super star millennials about how they are owning the present and shaping the future. Speaking their language is the key to engaging one of the most dynamic generations to date. MORE
Louise Court Editor-in-Chief, COSMOPOLITAN UK
Fleure de Force Blogger
2:45 PM
David Lean Room

Cross Screen Summit

Today’s consumer engages with content across all screens. Content is expected anytime, anywhere without exception. Traditional consumption habits have completely gone by the way side. This deep dive into Cross Screen consumption reveals the opportunities for marketers who can deliver solutions across all screens.
Alvin Bowles SVP Business Development - Video, GRAB MEDIA
Tom Dunn Digital Strategy Director, MAXUS
Jon Mew Director of Mobile and Operations, IAB
Vikram Somaya General Manager, WeatherFX, THE WEATHER COMPANY
Peter Sung CEO and Founder, GIDGET
Matt Teeman Commercial Director, DMG MEDIA
Jonathan Wolf Chief Product Officer, CRITEO

Spotify: I'm With the Brand

A look from the other side of the music and advertising conversation - how bands want to work with brands and how this can benefit you.
Chris Maples VP Europe, SPOTIFY
Matt Everitt Radio Presenter and Producer, BBC 6 MUSIC / RADIO 2
Charles Fitzgerald Head of Artist Partnerships, PIAS
Will Hope Director of Label Relations, SPOTIFY
Jack Milligan Head of Branded Experiences, Europe, SPOTIFY
Jon Wilkins Executive Chairman, KARMARAMA

Creatives Without Borders or Boundaries

Join Gustav Martner, EVP, Executive Creative Director, Partner, CP+B Sweden, Marcos Medeiros, Executive Creative Director, CP+B Brazil and Chuck Porter, Chairman, CP+B as they discuss the greatest work from Scandinavia, Brazil and the US, what's captivating people around the world right now, why it’s working and how to create a culture where creativity thrives.
Bob Safian Editor, FAST COMPANY
Chuck Porter Chairman, CP+B
Gustav Martner EVP, Executive Creative Director, CP+B SWEDEN
Marcos Medeiros Chief Creative Officer, Partner, CP+B BRAZIL

Did Anyone Actually See My Ad? A Closer Look at Video Viewability

Imagine all your marketing dollars spent creating and implementing the perfect online ad campaign has gone to waste. Wondering how that could possibly happen? During 2013, TubeMogul spearheaded a group of industry leading technology companies to pioneer the development of open source software that reveals which videos were actually viewed by human eyes, with shocking results. MORE
Nick Reid UK Managing Director, TUBEMOGUL

A Better World, Faster

Most of us carry a phone or tablet - each a supercomputer - in our pockets and by 2020 there will be 5bn people online. This is changing the way we live and work and at Google we believe technology can genuinely be a force for good, empowering people to make their dreams a reality and creating a better world for us all.
Yonca Brunini VP, Marketing, GOOGLE
Steve Vranakis Executive Creative Director, GOOGLE
Today's advertising and media leaders are driving a new narrative and redefining where we're going.
Katie Kempner EVP/Chief Communications Officer, CP+B
Greg Grimmer COO, FETCH
Gary Knight Commercial Content Director, ITV
Marc Mendoza Chairman, POSTERSCOPE & VCCP MEDIA
Jon O'Donnell Group Commercial Director , ESI MEDIA
Seth Rogin Chief Revenue Officer , MASHABLE
3:30 PM
David Lean Room

Mobile Advertising - the new frontier of digital advertising

There are more mobile devices today than there are humans and the number will keep growing. With any new industry and advertising technique come new challenges – and opportunities for those who figure it out. Some key questions that this trend prompt are: what does mobile behavior look like? Are there significant differences versus PC behaviour and mobile behavior? How can advertisers take advantage of this trend in shopping behaviour and generate measurable sales? MORE
Gemma Greaves Managing Director, THE MARKETING SOCIETY
George Hadjigeorgiou Chief Operating Officer , HOUSETRIP
Joel Brandon-Bravo UK Managing Director, TRAVELZOO
Jonathan Wolf Chief Product Officer, CRITEO
Andrew Warner - Senior Marketing Director, EMEA, EXPEDIA

LinkedIn: Content is King, Context is Queen

In the year content marketing goes mainstream, producing material and hoping for the best will no longer cut it. Understanding who your audience is and how they’re using different platforms will be key to a successful strategy.
Join LinkedIn’s workshop to hear new research into the revolutionary impact of social media on professional content consumption; get lots of best practice tips and, the ‘holy grail’, understand how to better measure the impact of your efforts.
Margaret Hung VP, International, MILLWARD BROWN DIGITAL
Taylor Schreiner Director, Marketing Solutions Insights, LINKEDIN
Valter Sciarrillo Head of Measurement, Marketing Solutions, LINKEDIN

Saving Europe

As Europe’s economies emerge from the recession, the spotlight is falling on innovative technologies and digital advertising to help kickstart growth. MORE
Sébastien Debon Managing Director, WUNDERMAN DATA & INSIGHTS
Stéphane Distinguin President, CAP DIGITAL
Kaisu Karvala Vice President, ROVIO
Robert Madelin Director General, DG CONNECT
Julia von Winterfeldt General Manager, AKQA

Media 360 Roundtable

Leading edge thinkers on disruption, innovation and re-mastering the toolkit.
Jonathan Allan Sales Director, CHANNEL 4
Mark Creighton UK CEO, MINDSHARE
Kate Robertson Co-Global President, HAVAS WORLDWIDE

Industry Index Innovation Series

An enlightening debate around technology and innovation featuring Media Leaders and showcasing Europe's Top Ad Tech Companies as selected by verified, global marketers. Get more information and check out the innovation leaderboard at
Gayle Myers Founder & CEO, INDUSTRY INDEX
Natalie Langley Growth Companies Senior Manager, PWC
Russell Marsh Chief Data Officer, MEDIABRANDS
4:15 PM
David Lean Room

Perfect pitch- the art of fine tuning a long-term partnership in live music.

How do brands best navigate their way through the complex music eco-system to maximise investment? With live music now the major earnings opportunity for music artists, from emerging to global mega-stars, how has this shift shaped the dynamic between brands and bands?
Panel discussion and Q&A; with some of the biggest players in the live music and brand business.
Lisa Gregg Vice President/GM Head of Consumer Products and Experiences, AMERICAN EXPRESS
Matt Scheckner Executive Director, ADVERTISING WEEK EUROPE
Nico Rijkhoff Director, Brand and Communications, ZIGGO
Simon Lewis President, Europe, LIVE NATION ENTERTAINMENT

Inspired Conversations: Street Style vs Celebrity: What Influences Fashion More?

Trish Halpin, Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire and a BSME Editor of the Year, chairs a debate to examine the key influences on both luxury and high-street labels, the power of celebrity as a 'brand', the emergence of the ‘street style’ phenomenon and how media - from magazines to websites to social networks - respond to and endorse both.
Trish Halpin Editor In Chief, Marie Claire
Poppy Dinsey Founder of fashion blog, the UK’s largest outfit sharing site, and,
Henry Holland Fashion Designer, HOUSE OF HOLLAND
Liz Matthews Entertainment Publicist and Founder of Liz Matthews PR, LIZ MATTHEWS PR

How brands should navigate digital China

-How China’s demographics impact the relationship between social media and brand engagement
-Cultural implications fueling social media use: 75% of all online users post ratings and reviews at least monthly while in the US and Europe, the figure is less than 20%
-How Western companies are failing to capitalize on the sociability of Chinese online shoppers (and why global “one size fits all” approaches don’t work)
-How social media has become the backbone of consumer engagement for Lay’s in China. MORE
Vincent Digonnet Executive Chairman, RAZORFISH APAC
Julie Ji Brand Director, LAY'S CHINA

Mindshare Huddle at #AWEurope: Mobile

Mindshare brings its celebrated Huddle festival to Advertising Week Europe. Huddles dive into the issues discussed in the main AWE seminars, bringing together the key speakers from that day with a heady mix of leading media players, entrepreneurs, academics and interested amateurs. In intimate groups, someone introduces a topic. Everyone discusses it. It’s as simple as that. Today we – like everyone – are talking Mobile. Mobile’s growing up: from 4G to DSP and NFC to Xiaomi. You know what that all means, right? MORE
Antongiulio La Corte Country Manager UK, H-ART
David Sear CEO , WEVE
Jon Mew Director of Mobile and Operations, IAB
Jonathan Kitchen Head of Agency, DENNIS
Jonathan Milne General Manager, EMEA, CELTRA
Matt Bush Head of Performance Agency, GOOGLE
Miles Lewis VP, EMEA APAC Advertising Sales , SHAZAM
Piers North Streategy Director, YAHOO!
Russell Buckley Partner, BALLPARK VENTURES

Adopting the Missionary Position

For the last two decades modern business has been driven predominantly by the mercenary ideals of share price and profit, but there are signs that visionary entrepreneurs are building businesses on passion, beliefs and on integrity.

Dave Buonaguidi, serial missionary entrepreneur and Paul Daniels, of The Magic Circle and Jack The Ripper, killer of prostitutes talk about missionaries and how they will make the world a better place.
Dave Buonaguidi Chief Creative Officer, KARMARAMA
6:00 PM
David Lean Room

AW Connects

Advertising Week's Official Delegate networking event live from BAFTA.

Presented by MaxPoint

Cosmopolitan: A Celebration of Female Talent

Honouring female icons of the advertising industry and celebrating the millennials who will shape the future. Cosmopolitan will honour Kate Robertson UK group chairman at Havas Worldwide, Amanda Berry CEO Bafta, Elizabeth Fagan Marketing Director Boots and recognising emerging talent from Mediacom, AMV BBDO and P&G; MORE

DCM Tuesdays Exclusive Preview Screening of The Raid 2

DCM Tuesdays and Empire are proud to present an exclusive screening of the most epic action movie of all time, The Raid 2. MORE

Marketing Society Royal Reception